FANUC robot arm
Using FANUC high-rigidity robotic arm imported from Japan, equipped with advanced servo technology, it has good acceleration and deceleration performance, high precision, fast moving speed, saving processing time and improving production efficiency.
  • Six-axis 360° Cutting In All Directions

    OR-GL 3D laser cutting machine can freely and flexibly realize a variety of complex 3D curve processing tracks, and has good adaptability to complex curved surfaces.
3D Fiber Laser Cutting Head
The overall lightness and compact structure are suitable for use on manipulators.
Large processing area, combined with six-axis feed processing method, the maximum working radius can reach 1800mm.
Independent Power Distribution Cabinet
Electrical equipment assembly, strong and weak electrical isolation, minimize circuit board interference; easy to maintain, good heat dissipation, dustproof, anti-static interference.
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